Huawei Mobile repair & Service Qatar

Has your Mobile gone Faulty? Facing Issues with your Huawei Mobile? Get Brand Based  Revive your Huawei Mobiles with Techcare Service Center Qatar right at your Homes.

Services Provided

Broken screens can ruin the day and slow down our work. Screens can be damaged or scratched  accidently or due to rough use. But whatever may be the reason, our experts at Techcare replace the broken screen with a good quality replacement screen which comes with warranty and an affordable price.

Battery of your mobiles may get damaged due to heating or charging problems. Getting the right and good quality battery for your mobile phone can be a tough task. That’s why we make your replacement easier by using only quality products at Techcare Qatar.

Speaker damages can be due to accidentally exposing the device to dust, water or any pollutants. These may get accumulated in the speakers. Leaving any type of fluid in your speaker can cause serious damage when it dries out. We can fix it in no time.

Chip level repairing includes repairing the motherboard, RAM and all other parts of the mobile at chip level. Chip level servicing should be done with care and caution as they deal with microscopic parts which are all very sensitive and require extra care. Techcare is equipped with the tools and experts technicians to give the best results

Your Huawei mobile has serious malfunctions and you think the motherboard has some issues? You replaced different components and the problems persist? By the way, your smartphone does not turn on anymore? Techcare experts help you to service your mainboard and better your experience with a brand new mainboard.

Attention, the change of motherboard smartphone entails the loss of all the data. If possible, make a full backup before.

The rear camera lens is cracked, scratched, or worn out, affecting camera performance.

Luckily, Techcare always has a solution to repair your smartphone at a low price! Get your Huawei broken back camera lens fixed by specialists at your doorstep.

Has your phone gone for a swim? That’s no good news, so we’re here to help you try to fix a water damaged phone. Techcare provides a fast and efficient repair service for the Huawei mobile.

Your phone might not charge because the charging port is distorted or obstructed.

We are the best Huawei service center in Qatar. We will provide quick and reliable service for Huawei mobile in Qatar. Techcare Qatar customer support service will be there to help you at any time.

Why Techcare?

  • Experienced and Expert Technicians
  • Doorstep Service
  • Affordable Fixing Charges

Get the complete and all-round protection for your Huawei devices with Techcare Qatar.