Apple iPhone Repair

Apple iPhone Repair

Facing a cracked screen or an unresponsive button on your iPhone? Look no further. Welcome to TECH Care, where we don’t just provide standard iPhone repair; we offer an Apple repair experience tailored for your utmost convenience.

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iPhone Repair by TECH Care: Your Trusted Apple Service Provider

Facing a cracked screen or an unresponsive button on your iPhone? Look no further. Welcome to TECH Care, where we don’t just provide standard iPhone repair; we offer an Apple repair experience tailored for your utmost convenience.

Why Trust TECH Care for Your iPhone Repair Needs?

1.Your Local Apple Repair Centre:Ditch the long queues at typical Apple store repair outlets. With TECH Care, you gain access to premium iPhone repair services, right in your vicinity. We understand the importance of time, so why post your device or wait at a shop when we can come to you?
2. Quick, Transparent, and Affordable: Not only do we boast efficiency, but we also pride ourselves on transparent Apple store repair prices. Whether it's an iPhone screen repair or an iPhone battery replacement, our technicians ensure prompt and flawless service without burning a hole in your pocket.
3.Service Options Tailored For You:
In-Store Repairs: Our Apple repair center welcomes you for traditional in-house solutions.
Doorstep Repairs: Can't reach the iPhone repair shop near you? We bring the expertise right to your doorstep, ensuring your iPhone 11, 12, 13, or even the latest iPhone 14, is handled with care.
● Pickup & Drop: From an 'iPhone fix near me' to an 'iPhone screen repair near me', our Pickup & Drop caters to those looking for the perfect balance.

No matter if it's the screen of your iPhone X or the battery of your iPhone 8, at TECH Care, we ensure each task is done with precision. We understand the bond you share with your device. With us, you’re not just choosing a fix; you're opting for the best Apple repair near you. Count on TECH Care - because we genuinely care.

iPhone Broken Screen Repair:

Accidents happen, but with TECH Care, they don't have to last. Specializing in iPhone screen repair, we cater to a range of models from the iPhone 11 and 12 to the cherished iPhone X. When you find yourself typing 'iPhone screen repair near me', remember that our dedicated Apple repair center is just around the corner, ensuring unparalleled service and care.

iPhone Battery Replacement:

Is your iPhone's battery depleting swiftly? Don't fret. At TECH Care, using our top-tier Apple repair expertise, we're committed to providing steadfast battery solutions. Every iPhone deserves a resilient power source. Rely on us to restore and enhance your device's longevity, ensuring you're always powered up and connected.

iPhone Cracked Glass Repair:

A shattered view hinders your iPhone experience. At TECH Care's esteemed Apple repair center, we treat every cracked glass with precision, bringing back your iPhone's impeccable clarity. Don't settle for blur; choose TECH Care for crystal clear perfection every time. Our technicians are dedicated, ensuring repairs are swift and effective.

iPhone Water Damage Repair:

An unexpected splash can cause distress. TECH Care's skilled technicians adeptly tackle iPhone water damages, making sure your device braves the spills. Dive back into smooth functionality with our comprehensive water damage service. Trust our expertise for quick solutions, preventing further damage and restoring your iPhone's optimal performance with precision.

iPhone Motherboard Repair:

When the heart of your iPhone falters, TECH Care stands ready. Our proficiency in Motherboard Repair ensures your device, from the classic iPhone 7 to the sleek iPhone X, continues to pulse with life. Trust TECH Care for core-level care. Experience unparalleled service, swift turnaround, and lasting motherboard solutions.


At TECH CARE, every device is treated with utmost care and precision. We follow stringent safety protocols to ensure your device's data integrity and confidentiality.

Yes, our Doorstep Repairs service allows our technicians to fix your device at your home, workplace, or even a nearby café, offering you the utmost convenience.

Whether it's in-store or at your doorstep, most repairs, like screen replacements or battery changes, are typically completed within 30 minutes.

Our repair prices are competitive and reflect the premium quality of parts and service we provide. The cost varies depending on the issue, so please contact us for a specific quote.

Absolutely! We stand by the quality of our work, and all our in-store repairs come with a warranty for added peace of mind.

Yes, our quoted prices are all-inclusive, covering parts, labor, and VAT. No hidden fees.

Our expertise encompasses a broad range of models, from classics like the iPhone 7 to the sleek newer models. Our technicians are trained to tackle issues across this spectrum.

We always recommend backing up your data as a precautionary measure to safeguard against any unforeseen issues during the repair process.
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